Where to Buy Used Furniture Online

We prefer buying vintage, but there are marketplaces to buy contemporary used furniture, too.

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People buy used furniture for a few reasons. I like buying used because it keeps items out of a landfill, but that is secondary to my passion for antiques. (I buy old things because I like them.) However, you don’t need to love antiques to benefit from the online used furniture market. For one, you could save a lot of money on contemporary pieces by buying second-hand furniture that is gently used.

Money savings aside, the environmental impact of buying used home goods can’t be stated enough because any piece that is already made is more sustainable than one that’s not (we’ll get into the shipping aspect another time). What else? You can also find a lot of design inspiration on the following sites. So let’s get into it. Here are the 16 best places to buy used furniture online, regardless of your aesthetic. There truly is something for everyone.

Deal-Worthy Marketplaces

These businesses love supporting small businesses and do so by providing accessible marketplaces for antique dealers and other vintage sellers. Since these individual sellers have a lot less overhead than some of the other brands below, it’s very easy to find vintage furniture priced under the market.

Online Auctions

If you love the thrill of the hunt and get joy from in-person auctions, these sites are the next best thing.

Contemporary Resellers

Up next are places where you can buy gently used furniture online from brands like Ikea. The entrepreneurs who started these used furniture marketplaces had a similar vision: to keep perfectly fine used furniture out of the landfill.

Luxury Stores

Finally, we have high-end furniture stores. You may not keep these items out of the garbage or local thrift shop (because these pieces are generally quite valuable). But you may save yourself a few bucks by buying some designer furniture used—or you might find an Antiques Roadshow-worthy treasure.

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