What an Antique Lover Really Wants in Their Stocking

Think you need an antique gift to please a vintage enthusiast? Think again.

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Illustration of antique stocking stuffer ideas

I am not saying all antique lovers are the same, but not all antique lovers need a priceless antique as a gift. Sure, some might see us as the “vegans” of gifting. We can be picky and particular about our taste… We like environmentally sustainable things; we like simpler things. These are all generalizations, of course, but if the vintage collector in your life is anything like me, some of these stocking stuffer ideas might go over well.


Handmade Soap

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What’s more old world than a hand-crafted bar of soap? Sure, the Victorian era wasn’t the cleanliest time, but their fragrances were so good partly because hygiene was so bad. Let’s think of simpler times while being grateful for our indoor plumbing as we bathe with some rose peony suds.


Little Luxart Library Books

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These little 1920s books might look normal scale in the pic, but they’re petite and stocking-stuffer-sized. This affordable version resembles more expensive “Little Leather Library” classics from the same era. The covers are leatherette and the perfect shades to double as holiday decorations.

Vintage inspired hand cream from France

Hand Cream Trio

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Okay, fine: I am drawn to packaging. But! The product needs to be good, too. And since I am not going to be squeezing hand cream out of an old Ponds jar from 1940, here we are seeking out some natural, iconic smelling lotion. The price is a little steep, but this product is made in France (and looks and feels the part).

Antique pocket watch

Antique Pocket Watch

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I have a lot I could say about this one (DM me to talk about it). I’ll say this here: If you want to splurge on a timepiece for a loved one, buy it from a certified watchmaker if you can. This seller doesn’t know how to write search-friendly titles or descriptions, but they stand being their watches (and their feedback is a testament to this). Let’s give these treasures new life and support a dying trade. This example is a stunner—and it works!

Feather Pen and Ink Set, Glittering Quill Pen Set Antique Calligraphy Dip Pen with Ink

Feather Pen With Ink

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This stocking stuffer idea plays into my love of antiques and my love of fantasy. While at some point in history, people had to use pen and ink for necessity, we have the luxury of picking up a feather pen for a hobby. My calligraphy and penmenship is not very good, but I have fun trying. I wouldn’t recommend this for advanced calligraphers (they use multiple nibs), but it’s a great gift for beginners and dabblers.

Antique art nouveau postcard

Antique Postcards

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I did a double take when I saw this set of 12 Art Nouveau postcards on Etsy. They seem too good to be true. Are they reproduction prints? The seller has great feedback, so unless I’m missing something, this is the real deal (and a good deal). I recommend any antique postcard for a vintage lover’s stocking. But you’ll have to beat me to these. I may just add them to my cart after I hit publish here.

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