The Best Old House Instagram Accounts

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exterior old house details

Some people look at old houses and immediately think, “money pit.” Other people gaze at an old home and are inspired by the craftsmanship and design. If you’re in the latter crowd, you might consider yourself part of the old house community. These old house Instagram accounts cover a wide range of topics, and the homes that are featured have stories that are just waiting to unfold. While scrolling, you’ll find talk about antiques, information on refinishing woodwork, advice on fixing windows, design style knowledge, and more.

antique dresser in a bedroom

The Grit and Polish

This old house Instagram is run by Cathy and is one of the larger accounts featured. Despite the large following, this account still feels personal and relatable. Follow this page if you would love an old house that is filled with antiques and has a ton of modern conveniences.

old house entry way with stained glass window

Renovation Husbands

Stephen and David are two old house enthusiasts that are currently renovating an 1894 Victorian in Boston. Their Instagram is beautifully curated and features a ton of helpful content regarding period-appropriate trim work, landscaping, and beekeeping. They are experts at honoring the age of their home while also making it their own.

old house styles

What Style is That

Old house lovers also tend to be lovers of history and architecture. This account focuses on different old house styles that novices might find difficult to recognize. Browse this feed at your leisure and learn something new in the process. Tag the account, and perhaps they will share the style of your house.

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Blake Hill House

Stacy not only curates this Instagram account, but she also hosts an old house podcast and runs a blog. She loads her feed with inspiration and helpful old house advice. Her passion is undeniable. She will show you how to fix windows, paint doors, and pick wallpaper for free. The insight she provides is invaluable for any old house owner.

old shotgun house in new orleans

David L’Hoste

If you want to admire the variety among old house exteriors, look no further than David L’Hoste’s Instagram account. This photographer and old house lover captures some of the most charming homes in New Orleans and beyond. Some of these homes are out of this world with the level of detail and color.

old drainboard sink in vintage kitchen

Lady Dukart

Karolyn from Lady Dukart is part photographer, part old house enthusiast who has bought a decrepit old house and is in the process of restoring it to its former glory. Her photographs are stunning, sometimes in a mysterious way and sometimes in an awe-inspiring way. But be careful because she might inspire you to take on a fixer-upper.

antique victorian house exterior paint

Amy Leigh 1902 Victorian

Amy Leigh is best known in the old house community for her hashtag #52weeksofhome. Each week, she encourages followers to share different aspects of their homes. This account is thoughtfully engaging as she explores the renovation process in her Victorian home while also highlighting the homes of her peers.

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Old House Muse

If you were lucky enough to follow Larissa on Instagram some time ago, you would have seen her and her husband move a century-old bungalow across town to save it from demolition. These old house lovers offer so much free advice on all things old, and they have fun while doing it. Bonus points if you also love rescuing animals and old cars.

antique light fixture with art glass shades

Brew City Foursquare

Alicia and Zach combine their love of history with their passion for restoring their 1913 prairie-style home. Their Instagram is personable and showcases letters, maps, and photographs that help illustrate the history of their neighborhood. Their work might inspire you to look deeper into your home’s roots.

old house italianate living room with fireplace

The Whale House

It’s common to see a lot of Victorian renovations on Instagram. Unfortunately, you don’t see much restoration of old Italianate-style homes in the States. This historic house is the former home of Herman Melville’s sister, and the house spares nothing as far as detail. Check out this account to see how this home has been lovingly maintained and styled.

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