The Best Antique Things to Collect for Fun

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Antiquing is a fun and rewarding pastime. First, there’s the thrill of hunting for the best things to collect. Then there’s the excitement of your items appreciating in value over time. As your collection grows, so will your expertise and nuance for spotting rare items.

If you’ve never collected anything old before, you might not be sure where to start. Keep in mind that the antique market ebbs and flows. It’s helpful to follow your passion versus following trends. If you’re collecting something you truly are fascinated by, you won’t mind if the market dips in value every now and then. You might even look forward to those dips so you can snag some pieces for less money.

We’ve compiled a list of some common antique and vintage collectibles and linked out to some finds on Etsy to get your search started. Fair warning: Once you discover something that catches your eye, you might catch the collecting bug, and that can get costly. Have fun!

Furniture & Decor

Furniture can be hard to collect since most people don’t have more than one coffee table, for example. You can generalize your search by era and collect several items for your home within from that period.


Vintage glassware is very popular to collect, and it’s generally pretty affordable. Most pieces are still safe to use today, and they look great displayed in a china cabinet or on open shelves.


If you want to learn more about antique jewelry, check out our sister site, Ageless Heirlooms.


Most kitchenware is still safe to use, but some dishes might contain harmful amounts of lead if they are highly decorated and show extensive wear.


Vintage linens are a great sustainable way to add beautiful high-quality textiles into your everyday life.


History buffs and the like might enjoy collecting various types of memorabilia. If you know someone who collects memorabilia, you have a built in gift idea ready to go.


Most vintage pottery should be used for decorative purposes since the glazes can contain lead and other harmful chemicals. For decor purposes, they are perfectly safe and work well as cache pots for house plants.

There are so many things to collect, but what matters is that you choose a series of items that speaks to you. Check out our library of antique articles to learn more. Happy hunting!

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