The Best Paint by Numbers Kits for Adults Inspired by Vintage Art

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Assorted paints with numbers on the top of each container

As someone passionate about creating art—but who lacks the technical skills to be proficient—I enjoy beginner-friendly art projects. Truthfully, I could likely tackle something more complex (intermediate, maybe?) without falling on my face.

But sometimes I want to relax while painting—I don’t want to think. So, in keeping with this no-fuss attitude, I’m sharing my favorite adult paint-by-numbers kits inspired by iconic art pieces and styles.

Art Nouveau Poppies Paint by Numbers Kit

Price: $27.99

This is an “Art Nouveau Poppies” mini paint-by-number kit. It features a charming pink heart adorned with vine-like poppies illustrated in the Art Nouveau style. The 6″x6″ painting board comes with a preprinted pink background and a crisp white border, making creating a beautiful piece of art incredibly easy.

Irises by Van Gogh Paint by Numbers Kit

Price: $16.24

Explore your inner artist with this Van Gogh paint-by-number kit, designed to make advanced painting easier. A pre-printed numbered pattern corresponds to the included acrylic paints. This particular kIt includes one 16″x20″ high-quality canvas. Given the level of detail, this option may be better suited for intermediate painters or beginners with a lot of patience.

1960’s Style Parrots Paint by Numbers Kit

1960's Style Parrots Vintage PAINT by NUMBER Kit Adult , PBN Paint Kit Set of 2 Birds , Easy Beginner Acrylic Painting,Vintage Art decor
Price: $32.50+

This Etsy seller stocks more than 500 paint-by-number kits in their store, and many are vintage looking. This 1960s-style painting would look great with Mid-Century modern furniture and a more minimalistic style. Pick from several size canvases that increase in price as they get larger.

Blue Columbine Botanical Paint by Numbers Kit

Price: $40

This paint by numbers kit includes a 12.5″ x 19″ art paper template. Create your own stunning rendition of the Blue Columbine, a unique flower species native to the Rocky Mountain region. Also known as The Colorado Blue Columbine, this high-altitude plant thrives in elevated areas, and its petals have a distinctive color that falls between blue and purple.

Batik Flower Fabric Paint by Numbers Kit

Price: $16

I absolutely love this vintage-inspired Batik Art kit. The kit includes an 8×8-inch wax batik template on silk fabric, non-toxic paint dyes, a paintbrush, and a palette. In Asia, batik painting is a traditional art technique with a rich history. You can create a stunning piece of art—like this Art Nouveau-style rose.

Premium Miyajima in the Mist Paint by Numbers Kit

Premium Paint by Numbers Kit - Miyajima in the Mist - Kawase Hasui - Canvas by Numbers
Price: $21.69+

I recently came across this paint-by-numbers kit that beautifully channels the 1947 artwork “Miyajima in the Mist” by Kawase Hasui. This piece, reminiscent of the classic Japanese woodblock prints, offers a glimpse into the serene world of Miyajima. Designed with precision in the US, this kit is a delightful way to engage with a piece of vintage art history.

Retreat Cottage Paint by Numbers Kit

Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults - Framed Canvas - 40x50cm - Retreat Cottage
Price: $40.60

This paint-by-numbers kit is like stepping into an Impressionist painting from the late 19th to early 20th century. The “Retreat Cottage” design, on a 40x50cm framed canvas, evokes the soft, dreamy strokes of that era. Complete with everything you need, it’s a vintage art escape waiting to happen.

Van Gogh Wheat Field with Cypresses Paint by Numbers Kit

Price: $40.60

I couldn’t resist adding another Van Gogh to the collection, especially one as captivating as “Wheat Field with Cypresses.” This 40x50cm framed canvas kit, reminiscent of the 1889 Impressionist masterpiece, comes with everything you need. Trust me, Van Gogh’s pieces are a delight to paint, offering both challenge and relaxation.

Simple Peonies Paint by Numbers Kit

Price: $27.99

The “Peonies” mini paint-by-number kit stands out with its vibrant peonies and buzzing bees against a pale blue background. Sized at 6″x6″, this kit is ideal for beginners, offering a straightforward painting experience that captures the beauty of nature.

Frida Kahlos Paint by Numbers Kit

Price: $44.40

This paint-by-number kit offers a detailed rendition of a Frida Kahlo-inspired artwork, allowing art enthusiasts and beginners alike to engage with the iconic style of the renowned artist. Measuring 15.7×19.68″, the kit provides a cotton canvas mounted on a wooden stretcher, ensuring durability and ease of painting. It includes three brushes tailored for precision and versatility, along with a curated set of acrylic paints.

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