10 McCoy Cookie Jars That Are Highly Collectible

Which cookie jar is your favorite?

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If you’ve ever been charmed by a whimsical cookie jar sitting on someone’s kitchen counter, chances are McCoy Pottery crafted it. With a long history dating back to the early 20th century, vintage McCoy cookie jars are one of the most sought-after used cookie jars on the market.

Boasting an array of quirky and timeless styles, each McCoy piece brings a unique character and a touch of nostalgia to your kitchen. In this article, we’ll discuss a brief history of McCoy Pottery and share some of our all-time favorite designs.

The Nelson McCoy Sanitary Stoneware Company was founded in 1910. The company manufactured various pottery pieces out of their facility in Roseville, Ohio, but they didn’t start producing cookie jars until the 1930s. Dozens of cookie jar designs were manufactured until the early 1990s when the company shut down.

Several rare cookie jar examples from McCoy pottery sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars, like this McCoy Stagecoach Cookie Jar that sold for $799 in 2023. However, most cookie jars sell between $30 – $150 when they are a common design and in good condition.

Reproduction Alert

There are several McCoy cookie jar reproductions on the market. Some companies make cookie jars in designs that McCoy Pottery never made. Collectors can quickly identify these fakes because they aren’t in official McCoy’s catalogs. However, some companies reproduce similar or identical designs to the originals, and these pieces also have the McCoy hallmark. Fortunately, these reproductions tend to be of lower quality, which makes them easier to spot. You can find more information on spotting copies in the resource section below.

1971 – 1978

Vintage McCoy Owl Cookie Jar, Mid Century


mccoy stove cookie jar


RETRO McCoy USA Yellow Smiley Face Ceramic Cookie Jar "Have a Happy Day" - Vintage 60s - 70s Kitschy Kitchen Decor - Happy Face Decor


mccoy the duck cookie jar


mccoy turtle cookie jar

1977 – 1980

mccoy apple cookie jar

1950 – 1964

mccoy brown drip cookie jar

1970 – 1974

McCoy Stonencraft Pink & Blue Striped Cookie Jar


McCoy Asparagus Cookie Jar

1977 – 1979

McCoy Pottery Resources

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