How to Strip Paint on Wood

stripping paint from old wood

I have a lot of painted wood in my house. My first attempt at stripping a door a few years ago went terribly wrong. I let the stripper sit on the wood too long and it dried out. The resulting mess was more difficult to remove and the end result wasn’t ideal. Let’s just say that some swear words were muttered in frustration.

That project deterred me from removing paint for a long time. I didn’t want to deal with the smell, the burns, the goop, etc. However, I’ve been following a variety of people on Instagram who have been successfully stripping wood with great results. I decided to give it another go and use everything I’ve learned on an old wooden milk door.

This process was much more seamless and there were fewer headaches overall. Head over to the Spruce to find out how I did it and see some before and afters.

Read the Full Tutorial on The Spruce: How to Strip Paint on Wood

Supplies Needed:

*I used a heavier duty stripper in the tutorial, but if you have the time, I recommend using a gentler stripper like Citristrip. After you apply citristrip, wrap the item in plastic wrap and let it sit for awhile for best results.

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