Homemade Coffee Ice Cream from 1915

Learn how to make coffee ice cream like your ancestors. Hint: You won't need an ice cream maker.

coffee ice cream recipe

You’ll love this old-fashioned coffee ice cream recipe, but it will challenge your culinary skills because the instructions are somewhat straightforward and vague. For one thing, you’ll have to learn how to whip cream by hand for the best results. However, on the plus side, you won’t need an ice cream maker or any fancy tools besides a whisk.

Essentially, you’ll make a basic custard by mixing boiled milk, sugar, and eggs and then letting it cool completely. You’ll then whip your cream separately. You can start with store-bought whipped cream if you don’t want to make it yourself. Chilled coffee is slowly added to the whipped cream, then the custard is added. Pour the mixture into a freezer-safe container, then let your freezer do the rest.

The original author also explains how to enhance this coffee ice cream with chocolate:

Chocolate ice cream can be made by adding one-fourth of cake Baker’s chocolate with one-half cup more sugar. Melt over teakettle before using. — Clara G. Mitchell

About the cookbook: This vintage recipe comes from The “Original Book” of Choice Recipes by Clara G. Mitchell. The first edition was published in 1897, and this iteration comes from the third edition, which was released in 1915.

coffee ice cream recipe

Homemade Coffee Ice Cream

Serves: 12 Prep Time: Cooking Time:
Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat
Rating: 5.0/5
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  • 1 pint milk
  • 1 pint cold strong coffee
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 quart rich cream, whipped
  • 1 cup sugar


  1. Boil milk.
  2. Beat eggs and sugar together, [and] put them in milk for custard.
  3. Let it come to a boil, [then] cool.
  4. Whip cream stiff.
  5. Add coffee gently, then custard.
  6. Freeze.
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