An Antique Bed Helps a Collector Fall in Love With Antiquing

Name: Brianna
IG: 1920craftsman

What was the first antique you ever bought?

This metal bed was my first antique. When my parents divorced when I was in high school, my mom took me antiquing in Lambertville, NJ & New Hope, PA to furnish my bedroom at her house. It was such a fun experience, and I think it’s when I fell in love with antiquing.

antique metal bed
An antique bed frame purchased on a mother/daughter antiquing trip.

We thought the bed was a full, but it was a queen. This has been fortunate since being a queen bed, it has transitioned into married life with us. We’d never be able to fit a king into our space. My husband and I often joke that our house is 3/4 size.

Do you have a meaningful heirloom that was handed down to you?

This bookcase/secretary was actually my dad’s first antique. As a little girl, I remember my mom keeping all her coupons in the drawer and pulling down the secretary to make a bedroom for my barbies.

antique house with craftsman detailing
An antique secretary in the distance that Brianna’s father handed down to her.

My dad has been downsizing and when I mentioned how much I loved this piece, he said I could have it. I was not anticipating that at all! It fits perfectly in our entry.

antique secretary bookshelf
An up-close look at the cherished and functional antique secretary bookshelf.

Our mail tray sits on top, our board games in the cabinet, and the coupon drawer has essentially become a drawer of random things. I love that it’s such a beautiful piece but also functions so well for our needs. 

If you could only acquire one category of antiques or collectibles, which would it be and why? 

If I could only acquire one category of antiques or collectibles, it would be art. I say that because art is not limited to pieces you put on a wall.

antique oil painting
Brianna explores the definition of art with her students.

What is art? This is a question I dive into in my classroom.

Various examples of art, both conventional and unconventional.

Art is a beautiful pair of candlesticks. Art is a crystal made by Mother Nature. Art is a gorgeous piece of pottery. Art is a handmade rug. Art is a floral arrangement. Art and art objects tell stories and history lives within them. 

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