Inexpensive Pink Front Door Makeover

how to paint a door pinkMy front door was in major need of a makeover and was a bit too “blah” for my taste. Since my home is a two-family split, the main door to the apartment leads to a hallway and isn’t anything special — no fancy windows or bright colors.

Initially, I had every intention of stripping the door down to the wood. But, the door wasn’t in the best shape. I wanted a front door makeover that was quick and painless.

One day, I was browsing on Pinterest and happened upon some amazing doors painted, you guessed it… Salmon pink! Check out the inspiration shots:

Entry Door Inspiration

Using Discounted Paint to Create a Custom Door Color

The plan was simple… the next time I was in a home improvement store, I would see if there were any discounted paints in salmon pink that would work. I didn’t want to spend a lot on this project because I only intended on painting one door this color, and I felt better about being risky with color if it was in a thrifty way.

Instead of spending $14 on a quart, I purchased:

Entry level door makeover -- using remnant paint

  • 1 QT of remnant paint in a deep rose color with a flat finish / Discounted down to ~$4
  • 1 sample size of Valspar paint in Coral with a satin finish / ~$3.80

When I got home, I started mixing the two paint colors, quickly realizing the combination was going to be way too dark. With sheer determination (this was happening today without another trip to the store), I grabbed some white primer out of the basement and used that as the base.

The mixture consisted mostly of the coral color and just a tad of the dark rose color. I ended up with a very dusty, flat rosy salmon. Ultimately I was fine with a flatter sheen because this door has imperfections I was looking to hide. The color turned out perfect!

The Finished Pink Door: Before and After

After two quick coats, the door exceeded my expectations. Sorry, I don’t have a better “before” shot. Just imagine that the entry door was dirty and scratched. Now it pops against the white trim, and I couldn’t be more pleased!

What color is your entry door? Would you ever consider pink?

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