Craft Kits for Adults Inspired by the Past

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Old World Craft Kits

Collectively, we have been crafting for centuries. Though trends come and go, there are specific arts and crafts projects that have withstood the test of time. In that vein, we think that the best craft kits for adults are the ones that are based on techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Though styles may evolve, the basic premise of each craft remains intact. Check out these inspiring adult craft kits at your leisure. If one interests you, order it. You’ll be supporting a small business that is genuinely passionate about crafting. These kits are an ideal way for a beginner to dip their toes into something new.

1. DIY Embroidery Kit, $52+

Once you master some necessary embroidery skills, you’ll be able to add embellishments to all sorts of accessories.

embroidery craft kit
Hoffe It and Hooper Co / Etsy

2. Beginner Crochet Kit, $20+

Of all the DIY kits for adults, this one is the cutest. Learn the imaginative art of amigurumi.

diy crochet kit
The Woobles / Etsy

3. DIY Dried Flowers Soap Making Kit, $30

This arts and crafts kit for adults combines the love of dried flowers with the ancient and practical art of soapmaking.

diy soap making kit
The Hobbyist Box / Etsy

4. DIY Nesting Matryoshka Doll Kit, $32.68+

Art kits for adults are as varied as your interests and your heritage. Pay homage to Russian roots by painting custom nesting dolls.

diy nesting dolls kit
Arterno / Etsy

5. Paint by Number Kit, $28+

Painting has been around since the dawn of time, but some people have more innate talent than others. If you enjoy art but struggle with technique, try out a paint by numbers kit.

paint by numbers craft kit
Colour Life Finds / Etsy

6. Kintsugi Repair Kit, $29.62

The Japanese art of kintsugi means “golden joinery,” which refers to the gold used to mend broken china. We don’t recommend intentionally breaking fine china to put this craft to use. However, accidental breaks can now be turned into something beautiful.

kintsugi repair kit
Mora Approved / Etsy

7. Weaving Kit for Beginners, $105.95

Weaving can be time-consuming and expensive, but the results are usually worth the effort. Try out this kit to see if the craft is worth the investment.

weaving beginner kit
Divinity Fibers / Etsy

8. DIY Candle Making Kit, $30

If you want to challenge yourself to a craft with a relaxing result, try your hand at candle making. This kit includes everything you need to make soothing soy wax candles with essential oils.

The Hobbyist Box / Etsy

Did you find an old-world craft you want to try out? If so, good luck! If you want to explore other ways to support small crafters, check out the #StandWithSmall page on Etsy.

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