Cool Kitchen Ideas for a Vintage Home

We showcase the use of retro appliances, the appeal of classic cabinetry, the charm of antique furniture, and more.

Lauren Thomann is an antique dealer, freelance writer, and editor with 16 years of experience and a B.A. in English and Linguistics. She specializes in antiques (mainly Victorian through Mid-Century), antique jewelry, old house renovations, and lifestyle and home-related content.
Graphic with a kitchen with blue cabinets and open shelving

In this article, we’re sharing our favorite kitchen ideas, focusing specifically on ones you might see in an older home. From practical layout considerations to aesthetic choices like color palettes and materials, we’ll explore a range of ideas to help you create a kitchen that marries the allure of the past with the conveniences of the present.

All Wood Cabinets With a Ladder

This design concept, reminiscent of traditional libraries and pantries, provides ample storage and a distinctive aesthetic. While practical for accessing high cabinets, the ladder enhances the overall vintage appeal.

Colorful Vintage Glassware on Open Shelves

This arrangement highlights an eclectic glassware collection and introduces an element of color and character to your kitchen. The open shelving design pairs nicely with the Mid-century inspired flat panel cabinets. Depression glass, jadeite, or carnival glass would work well here.

Reconfigured Fireplace Mantle

Transforming a reconfigured fireplace mantle into storage is a creative and vintage-inspired idea for your kitchen. Pair it with a small antique kitchen island that can be moved out of the way when needed.

Veined Marble Backsplash

Incorporating a veined marble backsplash into your kitchen design is a nod to the opulence of the Victorian era, where marble was a symbol of luxury and refinement. The intricate veining adds a layer of visual interest, creating a captivating, elegant, and timeless backdrop.

Exposed Brick and Vintage-Style Appliances

Exposed brick and a Smeg fridge create a compelling mix in the kitchen. The brick’s raw texture offsets the fridge’s sleek, vintage look, offering a unique blend of old and new. It’s a simple yet effective way to add character and modern functionality to your space.

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