A Wedding Gift Turns Into an Heirloom a Century Later

antique curio

Name: Lisa
IG: @vintagewalnut

What was the first antique you ever bought?

The first antique I ever purchased was actually my home 12 years ago; I was 23. That was really the jumping-off point. My appreciation obsession for old things really grew from there.

old home entryway and staircase
Lisa bought an old home at the age of 23 and appreciated the period details.

The primary features that drew me in were the staircase, the living room with prominent Greek Revival trim, and the corner cabinet in the dining room. Oddly enough, I had a dream about the corner cabinet before we saw the house.

old house corner cabinet built in
An original corner cabinet in Lisa’s dining room.

The only furniture my husband Ben and I had for the first year was family pieces. They quickly made our house feel like a home amidst the many reno/restore projects we were learning our way through.

Do you have a meaningful heirloom that was handed down to you?

 Becoming an old homeowner was the catalyst to inheriting my Great Grandmother Clara’s curio cabinet. It came from her house to mine.

antique curio cabinet
Lisa inherited this antique curio cabinet from her great grandmother after she purchased her home.

I had to promise my Great Aunt that it would stay in one place once it arrived here and that I would take good care of it.

My Great Grandmother was married in 1913, and the curio cabinet was given to her by her parents (pictured 1890) on her wedding day.

I’m honored to have it in my home. She passed away when I was seven, but I have fond memories of her tending her garden. As a little girl, I used to call it the “secret garden” because it was magical with its winding, terraced paths with fragrant blooms and raspberry brambles.

We aren’t really collectors, but the curio cabinet is a nice place for artful pieces, including a hand cut glass bowl that belonged to my Great Gram and was given to us on our wedding day.

antique dresser
This antique dresser was given to Lisa and her husband, Ben by his grandmother.

This dresser is part of a bedroom set we received from Ben’s Grandmother. It originally belonged to her Aunt Margaret. It fits the room nicely, and I really love the warm, warn finish.

Is there a dream antique that you hope to find one day?

 My love of antique jewelry started early. I would ask my mom if I could pick something from her jewelry box, usually the same cut glass ring, to wear around the house. I thought it was the best thing, ever.

Antique Micro Mosaic Bird Brooch / Etsy

One day I’d love to find a micro-mosaic ring. I love the bird motifs! The work that went into these pieces is incredible. It’s like taking art with you everywhere you go.

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