101 Sandwich Filling Ideas from an Antique Cookbook

How many sandwich combinations from a century ago do you recognize?

sandwich filling ideas from an old cookbook

Browsing antique cookbooks can be a fun way to spend the afternoon, both for the surprises and familiar additions—but not all old cook books are created equal. Some can be quite boring, and it takes time to find the juicy tidbits (like how to make a chocolate cream cake or tasty ways to up your sandwich filling game).

The Myrtle Reed Cook Book was so ahead of its time that it came up with not one, not ten, but over 100 creative sandwich ideas. It was published five years after the author’s death in 1916 and includes everything from substitutes for meat to how to make a simple salad. Here is the excerpt on sandwiches (I added the headings to call out some favored ingredients).

One Hundred Sandwich Fillings

Corned beef, cheese, and dates

  1. One half pound of Roquefort cheese, one fourth as much butter, and half a teaspoonful of paprika. Mix to a paste with sherry wine. Spread on wafers or toasted rye bread.
  2. Remove all the seeds from a pepper, chop fine, and simmer ten minutes in a tablespoonful of butter. Add a dash of salt, and set aside to cool.
  3. Chopped dates seasoned with grated lemon-peel and clove or cinnamon.
  4. Corned beef cut in thin slices and spread with mustard.
  5. Tongue cut in thin slices, spread with mustard.
  6. Grated horseradish spread on buttered bread.
  7. Swiss cheese cut in thin slices.
  8. Dutch cheese made into a paste with cream.
  9. Same as above with chopped nuts added.
  10. The meat of a liver sausage seasoned with chopped onion and celery.

Prunes, sardines, and turkey

  1. Prunes chopped with half the quantity of English walnut meats, seasoned with lemon- juice and powdered sugar.
  2. Equal parts of chicken and cold ham, finely minced and seasoned with curry powder.
  3. Drained and boned anchovies pounded to a paste with butter.
  4. Thin slices of cucumber dipped in French dressing.
  5. Minced tongue and hard-boiled eggs, seasoned with mustard.
  6. Thin slices of roast veal covered with chopped pickles.
  7. Sardines made to a paste with lemon- juice.
  8. Shrimps picked fine, seasoned with lemon-juice.
  9. Cold roast turkey cut into thin slices.
  10. Minced hard-boiled eggs, one sardine to every three, seasoned with lemon-juice.

Chicken, hard-boiled eggs, and figs

  1. Thin slices of cold roast chicken.
  2. Watercress chopped fine and seasoned with salt and pepper.
  3. Same as twenty-two, mix with chopped, hard-boiled eggs.
  4. Minced hard-boiled eggs mixed with grated cheese, seasoned with mustard.
  5. Cold baked beans mashed to a paste and seasoned with mustard or chopped celery.
  6. Thin slices of banana dressed with. oil and lemon-juice.
  7. Finely cut celery mixed with mayonnaise.
  8. Dutch cheese mixed with chopped olives.
  9. Large figs cut in halves.
  10. Equal parts of minced ham and celery mixed with mayonnaise.

Flower petals, olives, and lobster

  1. Ham mixed with chopped pickle and celery.
  2. Petals or leaves of nasturtiums.
  3. Equal parts of grated Swiss cheese and chopped English walnuts.
  4. Olives chopped fine and mixed with mayonnaise.
  5. Peanuts mashed to a paste with mayon- naise.
  6. Caviare mixed with a little lemon-juice.
  7. Cold roast beef cut in thin slices.
  8. Minced hard-boiled eggs mixed with mayonnaise.
  9. Lobster meat mixed with mayonnaise.
  10. Canned salmon mixed with hard-boiled eggs chopped fine.

Strawberries, cocoa, and roast beef

  1. Strawberries mashed with powdered sugar and seasoned with a little lemon-juice.
  2. Figs and nuts chopped fine.
  3. Nuts and raisins chopped fine.
  4. Cold roast chicken and cold, cooked oysters chopped fine.
  5. Cold chicken and one fourth the quantity of blanched almonds chopped fine and mixed to a paste with cream.
  6. Five heaping teaspoonfuls of powdered sugar, two of cocoa, and two of boiling water. Stir over the fire until smooth. Add a few drops of vanilla and cool.
  7. Minced hard-boiled eggs, grated cheese, and made mustard, mixed to a paste with olive- oil.
  8. Equal parts of cold roast beef, boiled tongue, ham, and cold roast turkey. Season with chopped pickle and mix with mayonnaise.
  9. One cupful of cold roast chicken, three olives, one pickle, and a tablespoonful of capers. Mince fine and mix with mayonnaise.
  10. Orange marmalade.

Lettuce, salmon, and veal

  1. Cream cheese, lettuce leaves, and French dressing.
  2. Lettuce leaves and mayonnaise.
  3. Salmon, capers, chopped chives, and mayonnaise.
  4. Cold, cooked veal chopped fine with hard-boiled eggs. Season with tomato catsup.
  5. Hard-boiled eggs cut into slices, sprinkled with salt and pepper and chopped parsley.
  6. Cold roast chicken and finely cut celery mixed with mayonnaise.
  7. Lettuce leaves, pimentos, and mayon- naise.
  8. Cottage cheese seasoned with mustard and chopped olives, mixed with mayonnaise.
  9. Minced ham, olives, and parsley.
  10. Cold corned-beef and green peppers, minced.

Raisins, sweetbread, and pimentos

  1. Cold roast lamb, minced, seasoned with minced olives and tomato catsup.
  2. Raisins and candied lemon-peel chopped and made into a paste with lemon-juice.
  3. Dates chopped fine, with half the quantity of English walnuts or pecans.
  4. Chinese preserved ginger chopped fine.
  5. Equal parts of grated cheese and English walnuts, chopped fine, and rubbed to a paste with cream.
  6. Cold, cooked sweetbreads chopped fine.
  7. Cold mutton chopped fine, and seasoned with mint sauce.
  8. Hard-boiled eggs and watercress finely minced and mixed with mayonnaise.
  9. Pickled lambs’ tongues chopped very fine with capers.
  10. Olives and pimentos finely chopped, lettuce leaves, and mayonnaise.

Cucumbers, apples, and oysters

  1. Dutch cheese and finely minced water- cress.
  2. Sour apples and celery, minced very fine, and mixed with mayonnaise.
  3. Cucumber, grated onion, and mayonnaise.
  4. Leaves of endive and French dressing.
  5. Grated cheese, seasoned with salt, paprika, mustard, vinegar, and anchovy paste.
  6. Same as seventy-five, with chopped olives or pickles added.
  7. Cold, fried oysters chopped fine, lettuce leaves, and French dressing.
  8. Equal parts of banana pulp and crushed red raspberries, mashed with sugar, and made into a paste with cream.
  9. Grated cocoanut, chopped nuts, sugar, and lemon-juice.
  10. Orange marmalade and English walnut meats.

Cherries, walnuts, and jelly

  1. Preserved ginger and candied orange peel chopped fine.
  2. Maraschino cherries and nut meats chopped fine.
  3. Cottage cheese and jam or marmalade.
  4. Cream cheese and bar le due mixed to a paste.
  5. Hard-boiled eggs, chopped fine, and seasoned with anchovy paste.
  6. Chopped figs and chopped peanuts, seasoned with lemon-juice.
  7. Chopped English walnuts mixed with quince-jelly.
  8. Cabbage, finely chopped, and mixed with salad dressing.
  9. Thinly sliced bananas spread with mayonnaise.

Celery, pickles, and shad roe

  1. The tender tops of celery, minced fine, and mixed with mayonnaise.
  2. Figs and raisins chopped together.
  3. Boiled ham, sardines, and pickles, minced, seasoned with mustard, catsup, and vinegar.
  4. Cottage cheese, lettuce leaves, and French dressing.
  5. Cold, cooked chicken and mushrooms mixed with mayonnaise.
  6. Cottage cheese and minced hard-boiled eggs, mixed with mayonnaise.
  7. Cold roast beef, chopped fine, seasoned with tomato catsup, celery salt, Worcestershire, and grated onion.
  8. Raisins chopped fine and worked to a paste with sherry.
  9. Cream cheese and shredded green peppers.
  10. Equal parts of tongue and chicken, minced fine, and mixed with mayonnaise.
  11. Cold, boiled shad roe and cucumbers, finely minced, and mixed with French dressing or mayonnaise.
  12. People who are not satisfied with the above fillings are at liberty to invent their own

About the author: Myrtle Reed wrote a number of best sellers that spanned several genres during the Victorian era. First and foremost, she knew how to draw an audience and sold over one million copies of her work in her lifetime. In fact, she may have been a pioneer at creating viral-worthy listicles (as evidenced above).

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